Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology

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Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, Volume 17, Number 4, December 2010

Medically Unexplained Symptoms and the Siren “Psychogenic Inference”
Richard Sykes

MUSings on Functional Disorders
Stephen Tyreman

Psychologism, Overpsychologism, and Action
Michael Loughlin

“Functional,” Reasons, Neuroscience and the Psychogenic Inference
Richard Sykes

Only a Philosopher or a Madman: Impractical Delusions in Philosophy and Psychiatry
Marga Reimer

Delusions as Doxastic States: Contexts, Compartments, and Commitments
Tim Bayne

Are the Deluded Believers?: Are Philosophers Among the Deluded?
George Graham

Distinguishing Between the Psychiatrically and Philosophically Deluded: Easier Said Than Done
Marga Reimer

Thomas Aquinas and Cognitive Therapy: An Exploration of the Promise of the Thomistic Psychology
Giuseppe Butera

Thomistic Thought as a Metapsychological Meeting Ground
Eugene M. DeRobertis

Thomas Aquinas and Cognitive Therapy
Christopher Megone

Second Harvest: Further Reflections on the Promise of the Thomistic Psychology
Giuseppe Butera