Parution – Social History of Medicine

Parution – Social History of Medicine


Social History of Medicine, Volume 24, Issue 1, April 2011

Clare Pilsworth and Debby Banham
Medieval Medicine: Theory and Practice

Peregrine Horden
What’s Wrong with Early Medieval Medicine?

Clare Pilsworth
Beyond the Medical Text: Health and Illness in Early Medieval Italian Sources

Audrey L. Meaney
Extra-Medical Elements in Anglo-Saxon Medicine

Debby Banham
Dun, Oxa and Pliny the Great Physician: Attribution and Authority in Old English Medical Texts

Laurence Totelin
Old Recipes, New Practice? The Latin Adaptations of the Hippocratic Gynaecological Treatises

Catherine Rider
Medical Magic and the Church in Thirteenth-Century England

April Harper
The Image of the Female Healer in Western Vernacular Literature of the Middle Ages

Iona McCleery
Medical ‘Emplotment’ and Plotting Medicine: Health and Disease in Late Medieval Portuguese Chronicles

Matthew Smith
Mixing with Medics

Elaine Boyling
Being Able to Learn: Researching the History of a Therapeutic Community

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