Parution – History of psychiatry

Parution – History of psychiatry


History of psychiatry, septembre 2011, vol. 22, n°3.

The history of Italian psychiatry during Fascism
Andrea Piazzi, Luana Testa, Giovanni Del Missier, Mariopaolo Dario, and Ester Stocco

The mental health sector and the social sciences in post-World War II USA Part 2: The impact of federal research funding and the drugs revolution
Andrew Scull

Insanity and ethnicity in New Zealand: Maori encounters with the Auckland Mental Hospital, 1860—1900
Lorelle Barry and Catharine Coleborne

The American Psychiatric Association and the history of psychiatry
Laura Hirshbein

What is a ‘mood-congruent’ delusion? History and conceptual problems
Tsutomu Kumazaki
Evacuation and deprivation: the wartime experience of the Devon and Exeter City Mental Hospitals
David Pearce

‘Psychogenic Psychoses’ by August Wimmer (1936): Part 1
Johan Schioldann

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