Parution – Public health ethics

Parution – Public health ethics


Public health ethics, vol. 4, issue 3, novembre 2011


    • Andreas Vilhelmsson,
    • Tommy Svensson,
    • and Anna Meeuwisse

    Mental Ill Health, Public Health and Medicalization

    • Bob Brecher

    What is Wrong with Eliminating Genetically Based Disability?

    • Mark Sheehan

    Can Broad Consent be Informed Consent?

    • Kristin Solum Steinsbekk and
    • Berge Solberg

    Biobanks—When is Re-consent Necessary?

    • Jonny Anomaly

    Public Health and Public Goods

    • Michael Allen

    Is Liberty Bad for Your Health? Towards a Moderate View of the Robust Coequality of Liberty and Health

    • James Wilson

    Why It’s Time to Stop Worrying About Paternalism in Health Policy

    • Jeroen Luyten,
    • Antoon Vandevelde,
    • Pierre Van Damme,
    • and Philippe Beutels

    Vaccination Policy and Ethical Challenges Posed by Herd Immunity, Suboptimal Uptake and Subgroup Targeting

    • Li Way Lee

    International Justice in Elder Care: The Long Run

    • Jorn Sonderholm

    Advance Monopoly Commitment?


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