Parution – Social history of medicine

Parution – Social history of medicine

Volume 26 Issue 1 February 2013

    • Roberta Bivins

    Coming ‘Home’ to (post)Colonial Medicine: Treating Tropical Bodies in Post-War Britain

    • Kim Price

    ‘Where is the Fault?’: The Starvation of Edward Cooper at the Isle of Wight Workhouse in 1877

    • Victoria Bates

    ‘So Far as I Can Define without a Microscopical Examination’: Venereal Disease Diagnosis in English Courts, 1850–1914

    • Gwen A. Parsons

    The Construction of Shell Shock in New Zealand, 1919–1939: A Reassessment

    • Tania Woloshyn

    Le Pays du Soleil: The Art of Heliotherapy on the Côte d’Azur

    • Élodie Giroux

    The Framingham Study and the Constitution of a Restrictive Concept of Risk Factor

    • Abigail Woods

    Is Prevention Better than Cure? The Rise and Fall of Veterinary Preventive Medicine,c.1950–1980

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