Colloque – Éducation corporelle et apprentissage culturel

Colloque – Éducation corporelle et apprentissage culturel


Neuvième symposium international de CORPUS groupe international d’études culturelles sur le corps

Le 9e symposium international de CORPUS groupe international d’études culturelles sur le corps aura lieu à Taipei du 24 au 26 mai prochain. Organisé avec l’académie Sinica et l’université nationale des arts de Taiwan, il rassemblera des intervenants venus d’une dizaine de pays sur le thème « Éducation du corps et apprentissage culturel ».

Friday, May 24th

9 h 00 – 10 h 30, Opening Session

International Conference Room, Taipei National University of the Arts

Chung-shiuan Chang, Vice President of the TNUA (TNUA, Taiwan)

Introduction words

  • Frédéric Duhart, General Coordinator of CORPUS (Mondragon University, Spain), CORPUS from Paris to Taipei. A Scientific Project in Action
  • Shigehisa Kuriyama (Harvard University, United States of America), Keynote speech: The Shape of the History of the Body

Coffee break

10 h 40 – 12 h 10, Session 1

Moderator: Shuenn-Der Yu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

  • Chi-fang Chao (Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan), The Suffering Dancers and the Moving/Moved Body: Narratives of Transformation of Contemporary Dancers in Taiwan
  • Yolanda van Ede (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), Dancers in Limbo: Body Techniques and Stigmatization in Transition from Dancehall to Ballroom in Manila
  • Tzu-ting Wang (Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan), “Body as Culture”. As Seen through the Bodily Cultivation of Legend Lin Dance Theater


13 h 40 – 15 h 10, Session 2a/Session 2b

  • Session 2a: International Conference Room
  • Session 2b: C302

Session 2a

Moderator: Shu-Min Huang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

  • Mei-ling Chien (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan), Listening, Hearing and Learning in the Fieldwork of Night-Time Courting Custom among the Hmub in East Guizhou
  • Ksenia Gusarova (Independent scholar, Russia), Learning to See, Learning to Act: Cleanliness and Hygiene in Early-Twentieth-Century Russia
  • Hsin-Jung Liu (Tamkang University, Taiwan), Spatial Discipline on Hygiene of Body: a Short History of Space Governance at the Early Stage of Taipei after WWII.
  • Zhao-hua Ho (Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan), It Is Not Heavy; It Is Light on My Feet – Shidong Miao Silver Clothes and Value

Session 2b

Moderator: Hsun Chang (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)

  • Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza (Linfield College, United States of America), Kiai! The Body in Philosophy of Sport through the Eyes of Japanese Philosophy – A Critical Overview
  • Liang Ting (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), The Taoist Body and Namelessness in the Lao Tzu
  • Jow-jiun Gong (Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan), The Hands of Pao-Din the Chef: Self-Cultivation, Subjectivation and Bio-Politics
  • Chun Felix Huang (National Taiwan Ocean University, Taiwan), Dynamic Meditation and Mysticism – Osho’s Techniques of Cultivation as the Focus of Discussion

coffee break

15 h 30 – 17 h 00, Session 3a/Session 3b

  • Session 3a: International Conference Room
  • Session 3b: C302

Session 3a

Moderator: Frédéric Duhart (Mondragon University, Spain)

  • Marc L. Moskowitz (University of South Carolina, United States of America), Becoming Men: Weiqi, Children’s Training, and Disciplinary Structures in Contemporary China
  • Marie Potapushkina-Delfosse (University of Maine, France), Enhancing Memory through Gesture in Primary School Foreign Language Instruction
  • Hsueh-cheng Yen (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), Beyond Taste Relativism: How Tea Competition is Possible

Session 3b

Moderator: Mei-ling Chien (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)

  • Chien-yu Lin (Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan), A Preliminary Study of LMA Applying to Early Intervention of Autism
  • Yi-jia Tsai (Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan), Spirit Medium’s Body and Carpenter’s Saw: Meditations on Interpenetration of Body and Tool
  • Shu-jung Lin (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan), From Self-Cultivation to Mental Disorder: Body and Illness Experiences of Psychiatric Patients in Taiwan.
  • José Luis Grosso (National University of Catamarca, Argentina), Oblivion Saves Other Histories in Bodies. Post-Colonial Semiopraxis, Denegation Politics and Cultural Learning

Saturday, May 25th

9 h 00 – 10 h 30, Session 4

International Conference Room, Taipei National University of the Arts

Moderator: Salomé Deboos (University of Strasbourg, France)

  • Sara K. Schneider (National Louis University, United States of America), Yoga as the Practice of Freedom: Bodily Cultivation in an Inmate-Directed Prison Yoga Community
  • Tarik Mesli (University of South-Toulon /University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France), Embodiment Concept of Mastery into “shugyō” Being an Ascetic practice Aiming Civilization Process of Ninjutsu Understood as Nindō
  • Bruno Beljak (University of Zagreb, Croatia), Life Long Study: My Journey towards Xing Yi Quan (Form-intention boxing)
  • Shae Zukiwsky (York University, Canada), Resistance: in Practice, in Process, and as Metaphor

Coffee break

10 h 40-12 h 10, Session 5

International Conference Room

Moderator: Shu-jung Lin (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan)

  • Salomé Deboos (University of Strasbourg, France) Becoming a Buddhist Monk. The Case of the Gelugpa Sect in Zanskar (Indian Himalaya)
  • Peter Kaiser (University of Bremen, Germany) Body Language, Mind flow: Sexuality in the Religion
  • Alexander Novik (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia) Virgjëreshët – Sworn Virgins of the Northern Albanian Alps: Memory of Body


13 h 30 – 15 h 00, Session 6

International Conference Room

Moderator: José Luis Grosso (National University of Catamarca)

  • Ya-ning Kao (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), Travel on Horseback: Zhuang Female Ritual Specialist’s Bodily Training
  • Szu-ching Chang (National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport, Taiwan), The Site of Remembrance: Sensational Body in Baishatun Mazu Pilgrimage
  • Bi-ming Tsai (National Taiwan University, Taiwan), When Zhuangzi Meets Tal Ben-Shahar: Zhuangzi’s Course on Happiness—And the Interrelation of Situation, Mood, and Bodily Sense
  • Alessandro Lazzarelli (National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan), Effortless Action and Spontaneity: Learning Daoist Ideals through Bodily Cultivation

Coffee break

13 h 20 – 17 h 00, Session 7

International Conference Room

Moderator: Chi-fang Chao (Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan)

  • Shuenn-der Yu (Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Learning to be a Tea Art Practitioner: a Self-Reflection from an Anthropological Point of View
  • Koji Sonoda (Kyoto University, Japan), Embodied Teaching in a Hunter-Gatherer Society: A Case Study of the Baka in Eastern Cameroon
  • Haruka Okui (Kyoto University, Japan), The Complex and Tacit Structures Underpinning Bodily Skills: Training for Awaji Puppet Theatre
  • Scott Writer (Monash University, Australia), “Relying on Heaven”: Sensory Learning and Non-Human Agency in Artisan Taiwanese Tea Production


Sunday, May 26th

Excursion to Jiufen and Convivial Debates


  • CORPUS General Coordinator Frédéric Duhart
  • 9th Symposium Coordinators Shuenn-Der Yu
  • Meiling Chien
  • Yi-ting Hu

More information about CORPUS and its activities:


  • International Conference Room, Taipei National University of the Arts
    Taipei, Taiwan (100)



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