Parution – Social History of Medicine

Parution – Social History of Medicine
Social History of MedicineVolume 27 Issue 1 February 2014
Fiona Clark
Appealing to the Republic of Letters: An Autopsy of Anti-venereal Trials in Eighteenth-century Mexico
Kathryn Yeniyurt
When it Hurts to Look: Interpreting the Interior of the Victorian Woman
Matthew M. Heaton
Contingencies of Colonial Psychiatry: Migration, Mental Illness, and the Repatriation of Nigerian ‘Lunatics’
Alistair Ritch
English Poor Law Institutional Care for Older People: Identifying the ‘Aged and Infirm’ and the ‘Sick’ in Birmingham Workhouse, 1852–1912
Jock McCulloch and  Geoffrey Tweedale
Anthony J. Lanza, Silicosis and the Gauley Bridge ‘Nine’
Lucas Richert
Therapy Means Political Change, Not Peanut Butter’: American Radical Psychiatry, 1968–1975
Bradley Matthys MooreRoy Porter Student Prize Essay For the People’s Health:
Ideology, Medical Authority and Hygienic Science in Communist Czechoslovakia
Heli Leppälä
Duty to Entitlement: Work and Citizenship in the Finnish Post-War Disability Policy, early 1940s to 1970


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