Emploi – Poste projet européen

Dear colleagues

The researcher I contracted for two european projects (egais: The Etical GovernAnce of emerging technologieS : http://www.egais-project.eu/ and etica: Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications) : http://www.etica-project.eu/) is unable to pursue in Namur for personal reason. So I need urgently to find somebody else.

Please find below the call. Would you be kind enough to diffuse it and of course to see in your network if somebody could be interested. Thanks in advance for your help.

Under the direction of Prof. Philippe Goujon

*_A researcher (24 months 100% – M/F) full time
Normaly beginning of September 2010

*/_Research project for two european projects:

projet ETICA (Ethical Issues of Emerging ICT Applications) : http://www.etica-project.eu/

projet EGAIS (The Etical GovernAnce of emerging technologieS : http://www.egais-project.eu/
– New Governance perspective for integrating ethics into Technical development Projects and Applications)

Research lies within the scope of two European projects. Those projects investigate ethical governance in EU research projects with the goal of providing a framework for improved governance mechanisms that will address potential ethical issues arising from new and emerging technologies. Studying current governance arrangements in actual ICT projects (and in particular in Ambient Intelligence project) will help to produce a better understanding of the efficiency and limits of current ethics governance. This will be applied to the relevant ethical issues identified which will lead to a recommendation of successful governance arrangements that will address ethical issues in emerging ICTs before or as they arise. The recommendations for individual issues will be used to develop general policy recommendations.

The researcher’s work will include: Review of ICT ethics governance – Research on ICT ethics governance in current European projects (problem relationship between norms context and politics) – Evaluation of effectiveness of current governance arrangements – Application of suitable governance arrangements to most relevant ethical issues identified – Evaluation of viability of suggested governance arrangements


Ph.d. (or high level master) from philosophy or social sciences (with a very good knowledge concerning philosophy of governance and ethics) with a strong interest in the problems involved in social integration, ethics and the governorship of new technologies.

Necessary qualities

– available, open-minded;

– Scientific rigor and motivation for research;

– Efficiency in the work and capacity to understand theoretical developments;

– the ability to work as part of a team

– the ability to produce written material of publishable standard

– Excellent spoken and written English;

– Perfect knowledge of power point;

_ */Environment of research
/*_- Facultés universitaires Notre-Dame de la Paix ( http://www.fundp.ac.be/en/)

– Computer sciences department ( http://www.fundp.ac.be/en/inf )
– an international network of 15 European labs expert in the field


_Procedure of recruitment



CV and accompanying letter of motivation to be sent *before 1st June (but the sooner is better), 2009 _by post or fax_* to

*Professor Philippe Goujon
*rue Grandgagnage, 21
5000 – Namur ­ Belgium

E-mail : pgo@info.fundp.ac.be

Phone (Cellular) : +32 497 03 50 12
Fax : +32 81 72 49 67

Philippe Goujon
Faculté d’Informatique – Computer Science Department
Rue Grandgagnage, 21- B 5000 NAMUR
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